Well, Let’s Get This First Post Out of the Way

I’m not really sure how to begin this post. “Hi” seems too informal, and it’s cheesy to great your reader like it’s a letter. I’ve spent the greater part of the last two hours editing and customizing the actual layout of this blog, and there’s plenty of “about me” and “GAP Year FAQs” that you can explore. It seems dreadfully repetitive to type the same thing here, as I did under those tabs, but c’est la vie, (I took Spanish is high school).

If you’re really lazy, you can just watch my Gap Year FAQs YouTube Video and minimize your reading time altogether:

So if you’re reading this, you’ve chosen the path of slightly more effort, I’m impressed. If you didn’t know, I graduated from high school this past June and I’m taking a gap year before college. I’ve chosen to do this for a number of reasons, only one of which being that I didn’t want to do more school work right away. The other reasons are that I want to be 18 when I start university, I want to gain those “real life skills” adult always waffle on about, I wanted to travel, and now seems like the best time.

In January, I will be heading to New Zealand for six months working as an au pair (that’s a nanny for those of you who don’t know). I wanted to go to New Zealand mostly because of my massive love of Lord of the Rings, but the rest of the country looks unbelievably amazing as well. Post my nanny job, I’ll hopefully be traveling around more depending on how much money I have. I really want to see Australia and parts of Asia. Currently, I’m living at home with my family and working a lot. Plane tickets cost a lot of money, like $2,500 lot of money, and I need to pay for that somehow. So for now, I’m just working a couple of jobs to gather the funds for my travel. Please, hit me up if you need to hire anyone!

Post gap year, I’ll be headed to Durham University in England. Uni is only three years in the UK, so I’ll still be graduating in the class of 2020, but unlike my friends, I’ll have gotten a year off to have fun.

So far on my gap year I’ve been up to a lot. I did work three jobs all summer, but I found lots of time in between shifts to do some exploring and go on trips with my family, who will no doubt miss me when I’m gone and should be treasuring their time with me. In June I graduated, went to Omaha with my mum to watch the US Swimming Olympic Trials and the day after that, I went to the Adirondacks for two weeks for a family reunion.

After that, I had a quiet month or two of work before another family trip, this time camping. Spoiler alert: it rained everyday, hard. Then I jet set off to St. Thomas with my dad, to visit my name sake: Charlotte Amalie. Finally, a week or two ago, I went to Niagara Falls with my cousin and my other friend who is taking a gap year, and then onto Toronto to sight-see.

Next up on the agenda is another trip to Toronto to see Adele (!!), A day trip to NYC where I plan on eating every viral food, including the rainbow bagels, and a family trip to Azerbaijan (near Armenia and Georgia) in November.

So that’s it. That’s everything I can think of that you could want to know about my year off. Watch this space for more updates.




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