The Last Few Weeks

Hello all, I haven’t updated you in a while. Over the last few weeks I’ve had a lot of thoughts and experiences and I wanted to chronicle them for this blog. Turns out a year off school hasn’t been all fun and games.

The middle of September left me with a feeling of emptiness. Not the kind of depression emptiness, but just a restless, hollow feeling. My friends in my grade were starting college and having adventures, while the ones still in high school were moving on with their lives. It was difficult, and I really just felt like my life was on pause. It was weird watching things I used to be part of, like the swim team, go on without me. I felt sad just going through the motions of work, with nothing else in my life. I even went to watch a swim meet to see everyone again and ended up hating it. It just made me feel even more distanced. I don’t recall when this feeling ever stopped. Nothing major or exciting happened, it just passed.I reached out to my other friend who was taking a gap year, shout-out to you Grace, and I think that helped. I still feel like my life is on pause, but now I see it as a pause to stop and enjoy everything, rather then a pause that makes me miss out on things.

In early October, I got pretty sick, which never happens, and was out of commission for about a week. Let me start out by saying that being sick when you’re an “adult” freaking sucks. When you’re a kid it means staying home from school, watching movies, and eating junk food. Now it means missing work (and in turn missing out on being paid), sitting on the couch feeling crappy, quickly getting bored of doing nothing, and eating junk food just makes you feel fat and bloated. I ended up missing out on about $150, which is a big negativity of the hourly-pay system instead of a yearly salary. But I persevered, and my superior immune system, which wasn’t acting too superior, pulled through and I’m back to relative health. I still feel bloated when I eat junk food though, but that’s life.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of excitement, in my otherwise paused life. A lot of my friends have been home from college, so I’ve had a lovely time catching up with everyone. The only problem with that though, is that I’ve been going out with said friends a lot, which is not easy on my bank account or waistband, but what can you do? I also just stated a new job at a salad bar near me which will see me through until New Zealand in January, and hopefully help improve the aforementioned waistline. Speaking of New Zealand, not much is happening with that yet. There aren’t many families looking for someone available for six months yet, but I am currently talking to  a few and will updates when I find a good  match.

I also wanted to mention the fact that last week, I got to see Adele in concert. ADELE! I was/still am freaking out. My dear friend Grace had an extra ticket to her show in Toronto, and I willingly took it off her hands. I did it as a favour to her, not for my own enjoyment. Ha! As if. The concert was everything I wanted it to be and more. She spoke to us all between songs and she managed to take a packed arena and make it feel intimate. I genuinely feel like I am best friends with Adele now, I mean she talked to me about breastfeeding her child, we must be friends. I’m going to include some stuff from the concert under the pretense that I want to look back on the memories late, but really I just want you all to be jealous.

Lastly, I though I would close this post out with some general thoughts about my gap year so far.

  • Life and traveling is expensive when your parents don’t pay for everything
  • It’s really nice to spend so much time at home before I leave for six months, and then will be gone at college for so long after that.
  • Minimum wage is too low. Now that I work 40 hours a week at minimum wage, I cannot comprehend how some people have to live on that money alone. Can you tell I’m a Democrat?
  • I have nothing to do on my days off. No school or homework to do, so I bake a lot.
  • If you bake a lot, you have to eat a lot.
  • Eating a lot does not keep you skinny.
  • Working out is hard when you have not team or coach and your bed is comfy.
  • I now drink a lot of coffee.
  • I still don’t regret my decision to take a gap year.

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