Cities, Birthdays, Hiking- Oh My!

I haven’t made a post in a while, but even though I’ve mostly been working, I’ve gotten to do some pretty cool things!

October started with a trip to New York City with my lovely friend Grace. We got on a Megabus at 12am in Rochester. By 8am we were right in the heart of the city. We headed straight up to Brooklyn, one of Grace’s favourite spots, to explore. We walked the bridge and went into Chinatown and Little Italy. Later we headed into Soho for lunch and then up to Times Square and the big shopping area. By 6pm we were back on a bus home, arriving at 3am! I wouldn’t say that I absolutely adored NYC, but I did enjoy it. I like cities, so it was a great trip, but I think I prefer a smaller, quieter one like Toronto or parts of London. I made a quick video about our trip here:

Here are some of my favourite photos:

Next up in October was my eighteenth birthday. It was one of the more relaxed birthdays I’ve had, but it was very bittersweet. This is likely my last birthday at home for a long time, as I will be in the UK for my next three birthdays at least. I got the day off work  and had a chilled day, which was exactly what I needed. Like every Friday morning, I volunteered in the city classroom I go to, and then met my mum for an excellent lunch. We headed back home for a gentle afternoon catching up on some TV shows, until the rest of the family came home. That night I went out for desert with my friends, and the next morning went out to breakfast with more friends. It was a really nice day! I guess I’m a legal adult with responsibilities now. Scary.

The last interesting thing I did was actually today. My mum and I went on a wonderful walk in Letchworth State Park to look at all the fall leaves. I’m really going to miss autumn in New York State when I’m gone.

Now I’ll go back to watching to World Series. I’m supporting the Cubs because our family friends do, and my new favourite player/bae just got a home run. Definitely because I was watching. Now the Cubs are up 3-0 in the first inning! Exciting stuff.


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