The Nanny Diaries

Hello all, I’ve officially been working as an au pair for a week and a half and have had quite a few worried friends and families asking if I was still alive. So here’s the next post to say that yes, I am still doing well and haven’t decided to go home early yet!

To start off I’ll tell you all a bit about where I live now. Spoiler alert, it’s a dairy farm which has 600 cows (!!!) It is quite rural. Sometimes the cows are 10m from my bedroom window. There are a lot of flies and the occasional smell of silage. But I love it! I get to wake up and look out onto gorgeous farm land every single morning. The kitchen is full of big windows and natural light. The backyard is amazing and there’s green and cows as far as the eye can see. The sunsets and rises are so beautiful, and this is definitely the most peaceful place I have ever lived. To add to all of that, I’m only fifteen minutes from a sizable town with everything I need. I’m thirty minutes from a slightly larger and more upscale town, and forty five minutes from a very large city. One that I have yet to visit, but it’s on my list! Though I am technically living rurally, I have a car I can use to get anywhere I need and I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on much. Maybe the hustle and bustle and pollution of a city, but I can totally live without.

Next I’ll talk about the little boys I’m looking after, which I’m sure you’re all curious about. I’ve got a little two year old, who I’ll be referring to as D, and a five year old that I’ll be calling C. They’re both very energetic and tractor obsessed. I’m not surprised given the amount that drive by the farm everyday. So far C has been educating me on everyone to do with tractors and farm life, because I know very little! Last week was C’s first full week of “big boy school” so it’s been an adjustment period for everyone. He seems to like it but it takes us a while to get any information out of him. D goes to daycare most days a week and once I’m used to picking up and dropping off C from school, I’ll start doing it for D as well. In terms of my hours/best time to contact me, I work the morning school run from about 8-9 and then the afternoon pickup and dinner from 2-7ish. I have all day on Friday with the boys, and weekends off. If you want to chat, the best time to reach me is when I’m not working. Keep in mind the crazy time difference though! I also am loving my host parents here who have been so welcoming and nice. I’m learning a lot about dairy farming too!


I guess the last thing to talk about would be socially how I’m doing. In late January I had my au pair orientation and got to meet a lot of lovely girls who were starting at the same time as me. Line, from Denmark, is working fifteen minutes from me and we’ve already spent some time together on our weekend off. We did a great hike at Mt. Maungatautari which is a 45km nature preserve fenced off to keep out pests. Inside the fence it is native New Zealand as the original Mauri would have found it. Then we explored the town nearby and had a delicious lunch. On Saturday we are going on an au pair outing organized by Au Pair Link to Cathedral Cove and will be able to meet all the other, more established, au pairs in the area. I’ve also made friends with a German girl called Anna who is going to Hobbiton with me in the end of April! We’re both pretty big fans and are beyond excited.
It’ll probably be a while until I next write. I’m still getting settled in here and most of my days are filled with loud plastic cars and messy eating. After I’ve had some interesting weekend trips, I’ll be back!


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