I Cannot Think of a Good Title

I’m going to start this post out the way I always do, by mentioning and apologizing for my lack of posting. Why break from tradition after three months? Side note: can’t believe I’ve been in New Zealand for three months! Anyways, let’s get cracking with what I’ve been up to.

Blue Springs

Line and I took a day trip to the Blue Springs. It’s a beautiful part of a river about an hour from us, where lots of New Zealand’s bottled water is sourced from. It was such a lovely day with lots of pretty views, and I felt pretty smug the whole time because it was bucketing down with snow in Rochester that day!


The next weekend Line and I took a trip to Raglan where I fell in love with surfing. I’d had a lesson back in January at Piha Beach where the waves were massive and I wasn’t very good. At Raglan I had a lesson on Saturday, stood up on the board heaps, and loved it so much I went and rented a board again on Sunday! I think I’m going back this weekend with another au pair to surf again. Raglan itself is a really cool hipster town. Lots of quirky shops and cafes and I loved the laid back vibe.

Balloons Over Waikato

The next week was the famed balloon festival. My county, Waikato, puts on this big hot air balloon festival every year and balloons and pilots come from all over the world to take part. My host family and I got up at 5:30am to go watch the balloons inflate and lift off and it was pretty magical. There lots of events all week and it ends in a big night glow festival, which Line and I went to. We were suppose to go on an au pair Outing to swim with dolphins that weekend as well, but it got canceled due to rain. I think we’re trying to reschedule it though.

The Great New Zealand Muster

This weekend’s activities were pretty smelly. The national sheep shearing finals take place thirty minutes from where I live every year and it turns into a big whole day festival. There’s the actually sheep shearing competition (very cool, but confusing), lots of music and market stalls, and then +1000 sheep run down the Main Street. Myself, Line, our friend Hannah from Auckland, and Singe (new au pair in our area) all went and had a blast.


Social Outings

I’ve done a lot of different social things in the last week or two as well. Au Pair Link organised a “cultural evening” for the au pairs in the area where we all went after work to learn about New Zealand culture and we had to bring a dish from our home country as well. There was also a big au pair movie night later that week which had lots of junk food and great company. I’ve also gone out a few times with non au pairs I’ve met through the farm and that’s been tons of fun too. I’m still trying to find my niche but I’m getting closer to feeling more settled with friends and finding more people to do things with. Plus I learned how to milk a cow!

The Boys

I won’t lie to you, it’s been a very hard two weeks with the children. I think it’s mostly the age they are but everyone, including their parents, is feeling very worn out and tired. Patience is thin and everyone is exhausted. This is life though and you have to push on. I’m not ready to go home yet, so there’s nothing I can do except hope it passes.

Today is daylight savings here in NZ so we’re officially going into autum. I’m told that it’s beautiful here. Sunny but not hot. Then onto winter, which of you know anything about me, you know I hate. I go through happy times, I go through sad times, I keep on keeping on. I guess that’s adulting. Until next time.


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