Hobbits and Happiness

I’ve been spoiling you guys with a new post almost every week. You’re welcome! Today’s post comes in two parts beginning with Hobbits.

The day finally came when I go to go and visit Hobbiton. Not many people know this but I am a massive Lord of the Rings fan. I’ve read the books and everything. I’m lame, I know. Honestly the main reason I even looked at coming to New Zealand in the first place was to go and visit Hobbiton. The have this big flash “Evening Diner Party” tour package that I really wanted to do. Unfortunately you had to book about four months ahead of time to do it, which is was it took me until the end of April to get to go. I went with my friend Anna who was in my au pair orientation group back in January. We were the only LotR fans in the group and made a pact to visit the set together. I hadn’t seen her since February because she lives far away so it was lovely to catch up.

The trip began at about 4:30 with a normal day time tour of the set. Oh my goodness it’s amazing. The attention to detail was incredible and everywhere I looked there was something new and interesting. The tour guides were awesome and even someone like me who has watched all the behind the scenes footage learned new things about the movies. There are 44 Hobbit doors in total and they are all at varying size scales. Some made me look like a giant and some were normal size for adults. I can’t waffle on forever about the place, but it was not a disappointment!

Then the normal tour ends in The Green Dragon Inn where you get a free pint brewed exclusively for Hobbiton. I had a cider that was actually really good. You get to hang out around the pub and fire while the evening banquet meal is set up and that did not disappoint either! There was so much food and it was all amazing. I ate way too much, and then they brought out the deserts.

After we ate we all got lanterns to hold and went out into the set again. Everything was light up and the outstanding stars that are typical to New Zealand were on display. You can see the Milky Way every time there’s a cloudless night the sky is so clear. I’ve got no photos of the night tour but it was truly magical. I’m surprised I didn’t cry frankly because I did when i saw Hogwarts at the Warner Brother’s tour in London. We wandered around and night and it was perfect. Everything I hoped Hobbiton would be.

Sadly, it was a fairly rainy day for our tour so the photos aren’t great, but the experience still was. I only live about an hour from the set so I think I’m going to go back another day when I know it’s sunny and take better photos. Plus it was so overwhelmingly cool the first time I’d like to go again for another closer look.

Part two of this post is about happiness. I’m just over half way through my au pair posting and almost halfway through my time away from home. If you’re wondering I fly to Australia on August 3rd and home on the 19th. When I think back to how miserable and depressed I was in January it’s hard to believe I’m the same person. It may have taken four months but I’m totally settled. I have two great groups of friends (au pairs and farm guys) and I’m having heaps of fun. I’ve done tons of hiking, coffee meetups, learned to play darts, drink bourbon now, and have greatly improved my cooking skills. I’m really happy most of the time socially and at work. Don’t get me wrong I have bad days, but far less than when I came.

The boys are awesome and I thought we had settled in together fine a month ago but it’s only gotten better since then. We had a great school holidays together full of fun activities and crafts. I get cuddles from them all the time and they’re always excited to see me when I get home. It hit me last night as C, his mum, and I were having a disco ball dance party after dinner that I’m having such a great year. When I think back to my eighteenth birthday and everything that has happened and still is to happen I can just tell this will be one of my best years. I’ve grown and learned so much about myself and I’m happy with the person I’ve become. And I’m going to stop all of this sappy blabbering now.

I head off to Japan in two days and I can’t wait for my next adventure.


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